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Public Realm Design Guide

The Public Realm Design Guide provides a foundation for all of the changes to the main streets. 


The Guide is a formal Supplementary Planning Document which was adopted by the council in March 2020 and is used to provide a guide of what type of materials and designs are appropriate for town centre developments.  It has been used it as a base for all of our public realm design.  The document is also used when making a planning application in the town centre either for new developments or conversion of existing premises.  The associated shop front guide, which applies to commercial premises across the town centre gives specific requirements on quality and style expected in the town.


The adopted documents provide a strong base for materials use, type of approaches and generally aim to enhance the quality of design in the centre.


The guide supports the introduction of art installations with a section on public wayfinding. These projects are described on other pages of the site.

You can download a copy of the Public Realm Design Guide for Yeovil on this page. It can also be found on the main South Somerset District Council website. 

The Shopfront Guide can also be viewed online.

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