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High Street

We’ve picked out five key changes to the area that you will see once work is completed:


Enhanced and decluttered setting of the clock tower


We recognise that the ‘millennium clock’ is a key feature in the town centre so we want to make it stand out more by enhancing the area and decluttering items such as benches and bins around the base of it.


Bus gate


We will install a new bus gate to this area to monitor and restrict traffic movements entering the Borough so this area can be pedestrianised and opened up to allow improved pedestrian access and links to areas such as Middle Street.


Widening footpaths


We will be widening footpaths to provide additional pedestrian space in the High Street and improving the area with natural stone paving to match that used in Westminster Street to create a joined up town centre flow.


Improved street lighting and bench seating


Improved street lighting in this public realm area will help with decreasing anti-social behaviour by ensuring it is well lit. New bench seating will allow town centre users to also take a break during shopping and enjoy the atmosphere or the town centre.


New street planting


Feedback during consultation on the public realm told us you wanted to see more greenery in the town centre, so we are introducing new street planting in a lot of the public realm areas. This will help to brighten the area up and also help with taking in CO2 and providing oxygen. Street planting also helps with land drainage and provides a habitat for wildlife.

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