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Stakeholders are important because they support programmes and projects from the perspective of someone who has something to gain or lose. Stakeholders tend to give business, practical and sometimes financial support and can broaden the pool of people who care about the success of a programme. 

Here at Yeovil Refresh, our stakeholders are committed and continue to help us here at Somerset Council to deliver a successful programme of projects. We work with them towards common goals and goals that are mutually beneficial to both us and them. 

We've considered who are stakeholders are for this programme carefully and value input from all. Below you can find out who our key stakeholders are and how they have an input into Yeovil Refresh. One stakeholder not listed is the public and we have engaged with this key stakeholder group through consultation events throughout the course of the Yeovil Refresh programme delivery.


Avon & Somerset Police, Sharon Baker

As the Policing authority for Somerset, this stakeholder supports the

programme from a crime and anti-social behaviour angle, advising

on these issues throughout the design stage.

Leonardo Helicopters, Julian Russell

This stakeholder is the largest employer in Yeovil and is key to helping us with engagement, particularly with their apprentices who we have consulted during the consultation phases.

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Somerset Council,
Mickey Green

As Executive Director, all regeneration projects in Somerset sit

under the ownership of Mickey, including the Yeovil Refresh programme.

The Quedam Shopping Centre, James Tovey

The whole shopping experience of Yeovil town centre is important, so working with the owners of The Quedam Shopping Centre is important moving forward so we work in a joined up way.

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Yeovil Chamber of Trade and Commerce, David Woan

This stakeholder provides a vital route in to local businesses and is a fundamental peice of our stakeholder jigsaw. David is also the Chair of the Stakeholder Committee.

Yeovil College,

Mark Bolton

Engaging with the youth of today and tomorrows future has been vitally important so it's great to have Yeovil College on our stakeholder committee to really tap into the thoughts of the younger generation.

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Yeovil District Hospital, Clive Radstock

As the primary heath care provider in Yeovil, our local hospital brings a wealth of knowledge to the stakeholder committee and provides vital links into the hospital.

Yeovil Town Council, Amanda Card

Being within the Parish of Yeovil Town, the work we do as part of the Yeovil Refresh programme is of extreme relevance to this stakeholder and we are keen to ensure the views of our local Parish Council are heard.

Yeovil Refresh portfolio holder, Cllr Ros Wyke

Ros is Lead Member for Prosperity, Assets and Development at Somerset Council and the portfolio holder responsible for the delivery of the Yeovil Refresh programme. and oversees the projects within. A key member of the stakeholder committee, Ros will ensure that the members of the committee are informed about what is happening with the programme.

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