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The Borough

We’ve picked out five key changes to the area that you will see once work is completed:


The war memorial


One of the iconic symbols  in Yeovil town centre, we want to give this memorial the respect it deserves by enhancing its surroundings and making it a more attractive place to visit and congregate.


Enhanced paving scheme


We plan to enhance and enlarge the paving scheme in The Borough using natural stone paving – again, which helps with the flow and general look of the town centre. We also plan to remove vehicle access to Wine Street using the paving scheme to do this.


New and additional seating


We want to provide new and additional seating to The Borough to allow more people to enjoy this space. There are a vast array of shops to visit in this area and with the increased and enhanced paving, it gives the opportunity for entertainment like street performances to take place here and benches would help facilitate this.


Relocated bus stops


Relocating the bus stops away from the Borough helps more people to congregate in this area and for visitors to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of St Johns Church. It also enables more outside activities like dining and cafes to extend their seated areas further into the area of the Borough.


Improved pedestrian crossing point


We want to improve the pedestrian crossing point between The Borough to Middle Street. This will aid those with disabilities and help them to get around easier if using assisted mobility equipment.

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