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The Triangle

We’ve picked out five key changes to the area that you will see once work is completed:


Amphitheatre seating


We want to make The Triangle an entertainment area for anyone to enjoy so we will be creating amphitheatre seating around a water feature, raised stage area and large screen. The seating area provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to take a break from shopping and take in the entertainment provided in this area or stop for a bite to eat. We are also going to be providing accessible route access to the area so everyone can enjoy The Triangle.


Focal water feature


Imagine Brewery Square in Dorchester – but better! The Triangle will offer a newly installed water feature in the town centre which can be turned on and off depending on the use of the area. We want this space to feel modern, fresh and fun.


Raised stage area


We are going to be creating a raised stage area so that entertainment can take place at The Triangle. We see this public realm space a key area for people to gather, socialise and have fun whilst in the town. There are many shops and restaurants for people to visit and enjoy and adding entertainment will only enhance the experience in Yeovil town.


Big screen


You asked, we will delivered. During our initial consultation, many people suggested having a big screen for promotion and to use for events. We will be able to display key information to the public whilst also providing a space for people to congregate and watch events. The Triangle will offer the perfect location for this in the town centre.


Natural stone paving and ornamental planting


We can’t just put a fantastic new shiny amphitheatre seating area, water feature and big screen in The Triangle area without making sure that the rest of the public realm area is tidied up as well, so we will be using natural stone paving to fit in with the new facilities provided and also using ornamental planting to bring some greenery to the area.


start of works - wine street 3.jpg

Improvements to Yeovil town centre continue as work begins in Wine Street

Work began last week in Wine Street, Yeovil to help make the town centre more accessible and easier to move around.


Notification of public realm improvement works in Wine Street

Letter of notification as works are due to start at Wine Street.

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